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Sky Rocket Your Vertical Leap by Using Jump Manual Program

Lots of us who play basketball always wish to have an insane vertical so we could jump high over our opponents and dunk on their face, this is the dream of every basketball player. Unfortunately most people don’t get to accomplish that because they give up on dunking at some point, but for those of us who look forward to it and searching for ways to do that there is the route of jump manual, a program specifically for increasing the vertical jump of an athlete.

Is jump Manual Legit?

jump manualJump manual is basically THE program if we asked well versed coaches and trainers in basketball. when It comes to popularity it’s probably the most popular program after air alert, some say even more.

The point with jump manual is that whenever a player wants to work on his vertical he needs to follow a certain routine and examine it after a while. So in essence, you always have to test certain methods and exercises and different workouts and this takes too long and you don’t always get the results you were aiming for.

However, with jump manual, the program is already ready from the beginning to help you jump higher because it has been tested on thousands of prospects worldwide and was scientifically proven to work.

Meet Jacob Hiller The Jump Manual Coach

Jacob Hiller, the coach behind jump manual, has created jump manual after his long 10 year experience with many different training approaches and he gathered all of it into one super guide with exactly what you need to know to start increasing you’re leap.

You can also count on the fact that Jacob Hiller has worked with many professional athletes and NBA teams as a trainer, this guy knows his stuff, so be confident that jump manual is not some random made up product from anonymous coach but from someone who’s reputation goes in front of him.

People who tried jump manual are mostly satisfied and many of them reported tremendous success with the program and reviewed it themselves, here’s a really good individual that had an amazing results from using this program, and you can be sure that jump manual will work for you too.

As with everything, increasing your vertical leap does not happen overnight, it will take some time and effort for results to come but jump manual guarantees that and it even covers your purchase for 60 days to give you a full protection, you could always get a refund if something goes wrong so you have nothing to fear from buying the jump manual.

By the way, I recommend starting from Jacob’s workbook of how to increase your vertical leap in 45 minutes to get an impression about the jump manual workout and get the feel of it, it’s just a simple free pdf with useful tips you can apply immediately to improve your jump.

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Kobe Bryant Signature Move

God I love this one, I think any basketball player should learn this move because it’s so effective.

At first Kobe takes a V Cut just to get open for the ball, then notice how makes a jab step to create some space from the defender and give him enough time to read the defense and to decide what to do.

Kobe also demonstrates some cool alternatives other than just his jump shot, when he gets the ball the first thing he does is to enter a triple threat position, why do you ask? Well because at any given time when you have the ball you need to threat on the basket or at least make the defense think you’re a threat, this usually what turns the defense to vulnerable cause it gets confused and it creates many opportunities for the offense.

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